Swiss Franc Loans Conference in Cyprus


The conference was held in Nicosia, Cyprus from 2nd to 6th December 2014, to address the problem of misselling Swiss franc loans to consumers. See Conference sessions on YouTube.


Following the Swiss Franc Loans Conference in Cyprus, a meeting of delegates, on 6th December 2014, established a committee to continue the work of the defending victims of foreign currency loans.


The committee was named:         European Legal Committee for Consumer Rights.



We have been greatly encouraged by the action taken by the Hungarian to stand up to the Banks, and we believe that the reforms passed by the Hungarian National Assembly, particularly the new law of refunds, represent a model for the rest of Europe to follow.


The conference is being organised by the Anglo-Hellenic and Cypriot Law Association which has organised 50 seminars on various topics in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, at the Law Society in London and elsewhere.

The conference will be attended by delegates from all across Europe, as well as large numbers of Cypriots who were missold these loans.


       The organisers believe that encouraging Governments to follow the example of Hungary will lead to an expeditious and just outcome for the victims of these schemes.

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